10 Things To Do During A Blizzard

The ScenBlizzard Covered Carario:

So you’re in the middle of a major snowstorm and maybe you’re glued to the Weather Channel to keep on top of the storm. You’ve hit the grocery store, so the pantry is full. Schools are closed. All the local stores are shutting down early and you’ve checked your email a thousand times already. Everybody from Al Roker to the State Governor is telling you to stay off the roads and ride out the storm at home. So, what do you do now? Here’s a list of a bunch of fun ideas to stay entertained and safe.

Cook:Blizzard Wood Fired Pizza

You’ve got this amazing recipe that a friend shared with you ages ago, but you’ve never prepared it. There’s no time like the present to get to it. One of my favorite things to experience during a major snowstorm is the smell of something awesome cooking and filling the house with a great aroma. Can’t you smell it right now?

Read:Blizzard Book

You know that pile of books/magazines or e-reader, sitting next to your bed that you keep saying you’re going to get to? Well, how about picking up one of them and start reading it. Get yourself snuggled up in a warm blanket and immerse yourself in another world.

Play A Game:Blizzard Dice

C’mon. Is there really anything more fun than a family game night? It’s such a blast to all be together knowing that nobody has anything more important or better to do, than to be playing a game together. And it really doesn’t matter what that game is. A board game, a card game, a Wii game, etc….. Pictionary anyone?

Blizzard ShovelingShovel:

Why wait until the storm has dumped 2 feet of snow on the ground and it’s too heavy to move. Go out a few times during the day and shovel the few inches while it’s manageable. Besides, you get a chance to be outside in the fresh air and get to experience a blizzard!

Snow Blow:Blizzard Snowplow

Did somebody say shovel?! I’ll wait ‘til it’s all over and then take out my mighty snowblower and make snow pie with this blizzard!

Blizzard FrogMake a Craft Item:

Since you can’t go to the store, look around the house and see what you have available. Then take a look on the internet and find a craft that you have all the material for. If you don’t have every material that the craft calls for, see if you could substitute something you do have instead. Who knows, it might end up being a bit nicer than the original.

Write a Blog:Blizzard Laptop

You’ve been meaning to get to this one, haven’t you? Well, here’s your chance. What’s on your mind today? Kids, money, the economy? Whatever it is, there are other people out there who are interested in the same thing. Get cracking and get connected with them.

Blizzard FireplaceBuild a Fire:

Is there really anything more comforting and cozy than a fire in the hearth on a wintry day? This is what poems are made out of. Get that warm blanket out again and wrap up in it. Put yourself in a comfy spot in front of the fireplace and zone out to the dancing flames. Your zen moment is not far away!

Light Some Candles:Blizzard Lit Candles

Ramp up the mood just a little bit further by adding a little candlelight to the ambiance. The electric might just go out with the fury of the storm, but you’ll already be prepared. That warm candle glow will be in place making your home feel extra comfy.

Blizzard SnowmanGo Outside:

Get out the wooly socks, boots, snow pants, winter jacket, gloves, scarf and hat. Put all the insulation on and then walk outside, simply to experience the weather. How often do you actually have a blizzard? Not very. Stay within sight of you house and stand in the snow. Let the wind whip at your face, while the snow stings your eyes. Even if you can only go out for a few minutes, get out there and experience it. The energy of a blizzard is amazing! Most importantly, STAY SAFE. Going in the front yard is plenty far enough to experience the storm.

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